Welcome to Old Manchester Golf Club,¬†which is unique, in that since September 29th 1960, the club has continued to prosper despite not having it’s own golf course or indeed a place to call home.

The foundation of the golf club dates back to around 1814 when William Mitchell, Esq. gave it the title of “The Golf Club of Manchester”.
OMGC crest

It was some four years later in 1818 that the club was actually established by a group of nine well-to-do gentlemen and so becoming the second oldest golf club in England, preceded only by Royal Blackheath Golf Club, London.

There are primarily two reasons for this site.

First of all, to give you an insight into the club’s illustrious past and also to keep you up to date with on-going events.

For the last 30 years or more, very little detail has been documented in terms of what has happened within the club.

It was back in the late 90’s that I was invited to join and I’ve been an active member since. Now by sharing my personal experiences, I hope to express the club’s long standing traditions and give an overview of the more recent history.

Secondly, looking ahead to 2018, to give details of plans that are in progress to mark the club’s impending bicentennial and any appropriate celebrations.

So my involvement…

When I joined O.M.G.C. I didn’t really know what I was signing up to. Just another local society that regular club members tend to join, so they can have a competitive “knock” during the week, is what I thought.

Often referred to as a “society”, you can soon be reminded that “We are in fact a golf club”, by at least one of the more established members.

Although “Old Manchester” no longer has a golf course or a place to call home, the club is still registered in the R&A Handbook and members are as proud as ever to be associated.